Before I begin, I want to thank you for taking the time to view my deck. My name is Brandon Ward. I want to tell you a quick story about my life. Although you probably haven’t heard of me, I am far from new to motorsports. As the son of a 5-time AMA Motocross Champion, 2-time AMA Supercross Champion, 2-time AMA Supermoto Champion, 2-time X-Games gold medalist, Indy 500 runner-up, and Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee, my life has unsurprisingly revolved around action sports from a young age. I have competed in several disciplines of motorsports, including motocross, supermoto, and short-course off-road trucks. You likely haven’t heard much of me in racing because I spent the better part of the last decade serving my country in the United States Army. Due to my Top Secret security clearance and the sensitive nature of my work in the Military Intelligence Community, I could not be as open on social media as I would have liked. However, that chapter of my life is ending, and it is time for the next to begin.

I would like to explain how I found myself in the U.S. Army. As someone from Orange County, California, and the son of a successful motorsports athlete, my fellow Soldiers often asked why I enlisted, so I feel you may wonder the same. After high school, I attended a local community college and worked for my family’s business to pay for racing and school. I began skipping work and class to ride and race. I lacked discipline. I realized this was a problem and knew I wouldn’t make anything of myself in life if this trend continued. I made a difficult decision, and the next thing I knew, I was at Fort Benning, Georgia, for Basic Combat Training. Since I enjoy facing my fears, I volunteered to become a Paratrooper during my training. Just over three months after graduating from the U.S. Army’s Airborne School, I found myself in Afghanistan. Not even a year earlier, I was just your average motorsports-obsessed kid flunking out of school, and now I weighed the world on my shoulders. The lives of those I care for were now in my hands. Life was no longer only about racing but about my duty to my country. I lived, and continue to live, by the Army Values—loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. While living up to these values, I intend to approach my return to racing with the mindset and determination that got me through my three combat deployments to the Middle East.

With that said, I also intend to do all I can to help struggling service members and veterans across the globe. I want to create partnerships with brands whose values align. As a veteran, I know the struggles many serving (or have served) face. Through what I have named Operation BW and with your support, I hope to organize events and opportunities for our country’s service members, past and present, that would otherwise not be possible. A little bit goes a long way to improve the lives of those who fight to protect our nation and keep us and our country safe.

My dedication to racing and success in everything I do is the same dedication and hard work I plan to put into every partnership and relationship I create and continuously strengthen throughout my racing career. I am not here to sell you a spot on my helmet, suit, or car. I am here to sell you me—my personality, my dedication, my values. I intend to learn your marketing strategy and work alongside you to assess the best possible courses of action to meet your intended marketing goals. I have written, sourced, and organized every page of this deck myself. I did this to show that this means more to me than money. I am putting everything into my racing efforts and intend to put the same effort into the growth of our relationship and your company.

I have a story to tell, and I plan to build a platform to tell it. I went from a spoiled racer failing out of college with big shoes to fill to a military leader, an A+ student who is about to start his graduate degree, and someone who is no longer living in his father’s shadow but casting his own. It is never too late to follow your dreams, make that change, go back to school, or get into motorsports. You just have to take the first step, and I ask that you take this step with me.


Brandon G. Ward
BW Autosports, LLC


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As we progress towards IndyCar and remain committed to making a difference for our nation’s service members and veterans, we are proud to partner with organizations that share our passion for racing and veterans.


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